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  A qualified real estate agent will help you through the entire process of buying or selling any type of real estate. Your agent will communicate with you to thoroughly understand your goals in the buying or selling process and help you to achieve those goals.

Real estate transactions involve one of the largest financial investments most people will experience in their lifetime. Realtors are experienced negotiators, familiar with property values, recent sales and the current market. A Realtor can help you determine your buying power and refer you to the lender best qualified to assist you as well as give valuable pricing advice to sellers to maximize your return on investment.

Realtors have many resources to assist you in buying or selling your home. If you are selling your home, your Realtor will pay for all customary marketing and advertising costs to ensure your listing is available to the largest number of potential buyers. When searching for a home, sometimes the property you are seeking is available but not actively advertised in the market. Your Realtor has resources to help them find every possible home that fits your preference. A Realtor will place your home in the Multiple Listing Service (MLS), a database of properties for sale. Realtors all over Greater Baton Rouge and the nation will see information about your home and share it with potential buyers. Consequently, you have many agents working to sell your home. A Realtor will work with other agents to pre-qualify potential buyers before they view your home.

Many buyers spend hours of valuable time pouring through classifieds, wasting expensive gas viewing unsuitable homes. Your Realtor can provide valuable advice and objective information about each property to assist you in finding the one most suitable.

Realtors are liaisons between you and other service providers such as home inspectors, appraisers, title companies and financial service providers. They can ensure these services are carried out correctly and efficiently.

The Realtors at Pierson Properties Realtors look forward to providing you with all of these resources to ensure you achieve your goals in buying or selling your home. To speak with one of our experienced agents about utilizing these resources, please contact us.