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  Many people sell their home without the assistance of a real estate professional, however this number has been declining rapidly over the past few years. There are many disadvantages to selling your home alone. With the increasing complexity of selling a home, the amount of time required to market and show a property, more legal requirements than before and security concerns all contribute to the decline of FSBO’s. A real estate professional has all the resources and is aware of all the guidelines associated with selling your property.

Most real estate agents working with buyers learn about properties for sale through MLS, a database of properties that is available to agents. The only way you can get your home into the MLS is to work with an agent. Without this exposure, your home will only be marketed to the public by the advertising you (the owner) place or word of mouth.

Some agents refrain from showing a home that is FSBO. Logically, the Realtor wants to be paid if their buyer purchases the home and a FSBO offers no incentive for a Realtor to show it. Competing properties that are marketed by an agent are more attractive to other Realtors.

Security and time concerns also play a large roll in FSBO’s. Many buyers are uncomfortable viewing a home without being accompanied by a Realtor. On the other hand, many sellers are uncomfortable showing their home without a Realtor and don’t realize the time and effort required with showing their own home. They may also be wasting time by showing their home to buyers who may not even be qualified. A Realtor will pre-qualify buyers before bringing them to view your home.

The median home price for sellers who use an agent is 16 percent higher than those sold directly by an owner. This shows that while many owners expect to save money on a paying a commission to an agent, they also often end up getting less for their home.

Finally, the paperwork involved in selling a home can be very complicated and overwhelming to the average seller. Unless you are comfortable understanding real estate law and paperwork, you could run into complications stalling the process. A Realtor can guide you through the paperwork to ensure you are fulfilling all your obligations.